Registration Forms


There are five forms on this page:

  • Registration

  • Participation and Attendance

  • Media Policy Agreement

  • Financial Agreement

  • Medical Forms

After filling them all out, please be sure to pay your registration fee at the end.



Musician's Name *
Musician's Name
Musician's Cell Phone
Musician's Cell Phone
Musician's Birthday
Musician's Birthday
Musician's Address *
Musician's Address
Private music teacher's name (if you currently take private lessons)
Private music teacher's name (if you currently take private lessons)
Parent/Guardian (1)
For musicians 18 and over, you may choose to use your own information here
Parent/Guardian (1) Name *
Parent/Guardian (1) Name
Parent/Guardian (1) Phone *
Parent/Guardian (1) Phone
Please give us the best number to reach you
Parent/Guardian (1) Address
Parent/Guardian (1) Address
Please complete only if you do not share the same primary address as your child.
Parent/Guardian (2)
Parent/Guardian (2) Name
Parent/Guardian (2) Name
Parent/Guardian (2) Phone
Parent/Guardian (2) Phone

Participation and Attendance


Your personal progress as a musician, along with the collective progress and success of your ensemble, depends on your FULL participation. By joining SMYOC, you make a commitment both to yourself and to your fellow ensemble musicians to do the following:

  • Engage fully in all rehearsals

  • Practice your music between rehearsals to achieve mastery of it well before the concert

  • Study with a private teacher if at all possible

  • Be a good colleague

  • Be on time 


The SMYOC attendance policy recognizes that school, sports, and family activities may sometimes conflict with SMYOC rehearsals and that many of our students juggle multiple important commitments. We also recognize that unexpected illnesses and emergencies can occur.

However, all absences take a toll on the collective progress and overall success of the group, and therefore we ask you to commit to the rehearsal schedule with a seriousness of purpose and deep sense of commitment to the group. Please go out of your way to avoid absences.

Excused vs. Unexcused Absence

  • When absences occur, SMYOC makes a distinction between Excused and Unexcused Absences.

  • For an absence to be Excused, the Conductor and/or Manager of your group must receive notification prior to the date the student will miss. 

  • Notify us by submitting an absence report from the website or by emailing your Conductor or Manager. Please do not text at the last minute.

  • If you send a short-notice text or email, the absence may be considered Unexcused.

  • Be aware that phone reception in some areas of Southern Maryland is exceptionally bad; last-minute texts, calls or emails may not be received.

  • In the event of a sudden absence (a family emergency or illness), please notify your Conductor, Manager, and/or the Executive Director as soon as possible.

A student should accumulate no more than 3 Excused Absences in a concert season. 

See the full Policy here

Musician's Name *
Musician's Name
I confirm that I have read the full Participation and Attendance Policy.
Musicians 18 and over may sign for themselves
Today's Date *
Today's Date

Media Policy Agreement

Due to the nature of publicizing and advertising Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra and Choir concerts, activities and special events, SMYOC interacts frequently with media representatives. Students may be invited to speak with a member of the media for the sole purpose of promoting a specific concert or event. Please note that all media activity with students will be supervised.

Photographs may be taken during specific events and used in various publicity, fundraising or marketing efforts (including, but not limited to, reports, posters, and brochures) throughout the season. By registering to join a performance ensemble, you consent to your student being photographed. Photos taken during the season may be posted to our website or social media. Students will not be identified by name in photos posted or published by SMYOC. Photos published by other sources may include additional information about a student pictured such as (but not limited to) name, school attended, and town of residence.

If you do not wish to have your student featured on our website or other publicity material, please let us know by contacting our Executive Director.

Please know that if there is a photograph of an entire ensemble, one that includes your student as part of a bigger, more general scene, SMYOC reserves the right to use the photo and will not photoshop your student out of the larger group.

Musician's Name *
Musician's Name
Musicians 18 and over may sign for themselves
Today's Date *
Today's Date

Financial Agreement

Tuition payments

  • Fees (or the first installment, if paying by installments) are due by the end of the third rehearsal of the group you are joining. For those that join later than the third rehearsal, fees will be charged pro-rata.

  • If fees are not paid by the deadline, an additional late charge of $25 will be added, unless you have made other arrangements with SMYOC's Executive Director. If you continue to fail to pay, the student will no longer be permitted to participate in the program.

  • After payment is made, no portion of the fees paid or outstanding will be refunded or cancelled in the event of absence, withdrawal, or dismissal.

Financial Aid

Sibling discounts

  • For families with 2 or more SMYOC students, there is a flat $35 discount on the annual tuition fee for the second student.

  • For families with 3 or more SMYOC students, only the first 2 students will be charged tuition (as above) and the others may participate free of charge. Registration fee and choir attire fee (if applicable) still apply.

Read the full Financial Contract here

Musician's Name *
Musician's Name
Financially independent musicians over 18 may sign for themselves
Today's Date *
Today's Date

Medical Information

In case of an emergency

None of the medical information provided to us will be knowingly communicated to anyone except in the event of a medical problem that affects your child.

In cases where medical attention may be necessary, SMYOC staff will call 911 for assistance or transport students to a local medical facility. Any time medical attention is sought, we will attempt to contact a parent or guardian immediately.

Please keep SMYOC up to date with any medical information changes during the school year.

Allergies or Chronic Conditions

When food is brought in for an SMYOC rehearsal or event, please avoid foods which contain nuts due to nut allergies. However, SMYOC can not be held responsible if a student eats food at an SMYOC event which should be avoided for medical reasons.

Prescription Medicine

SMYOC staff will not administer prescription medicines to students.

If your student is taking prescription or non-prescription medicine that could affect our decisions in the event of a medical problem, please let us know.

Your student is solely responsible for administering his or her prescription medicine while in attendance at any SMYOC event.

Musician's Name *
Musician's Name
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
Let us know who can be contacted during rehearsal times
Phone *
Best contact number during rehearsals
List any allergies of which we need to be aware, or enter "none"
List any conditions that may arise, and what should be done in that case, or enter "none"
Musicians 18 and over may sign for themselves

Pay your registration fee

Please pay the $25 registration fee by sending a check to SMYOC or by paying online here.