Media Practices and Consent Process

Due to the nature of publicizing and advertising Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra and Choir concerts, activities and special events, SMYOC interacts frequently with media representatives. Students may be invited to speak with a member of the media for the sole purpose of promoting a specific concert or event. Please note that all media activity with students will be supervised. 

Photographs may be taken during specific events and used in various publicity, fundraising or marketing efforts (including, but not limited to, reports, posters, and brochures) throughout the season. By registering to join a performance ensemble, you consent to your student being photographed. Photos taken during the season may be posted to our website or social media. Students will not be identified by name in photos posted or published by SMYOC. Photos published by other sources may include additional information about a student pictured such as (but not limited to) name, school attended, and town of residence.

If you do not wish to have your student featured on our website or other publicity material, please let us know by contacting our Executive Director.

Please know that if there is a photograph of an entire ensemble, one that includes your student as part of a bigger, more general scene, SMYOC reserves the right to use the photo and will not photoshop your student out of the larger group.