In the event of a medical problem

On the registration page, you will be asked to provide us with relevant medical information that could affect decisions made by an SMYOC staff member in the event of a medical problem with your child.

None of the medical information provided to us will be knowingly communicated to anyone except in the event of a medical problem that affects your child.

In cases where medical attention may be necessary, SMYOC staff will call 911 for assistance or transport students to a local medical facility. Any time medical attention is sought, we will attempt to contact a parent or guardian immediately.

If there is a relevant change to your child's medical status during the period of involvement with SMYOC, you must let us know so that we can act on the most up-to-date information in the event of a medical problem.

Allergies or Chronic Conditions

When you register, please list allergies or chronic conditions of which SMYOC staff should be aware.

Please note that when food contributions are brought in for an SMYOC event, we will make every effort to remind families to avoid contributing items which contain nuts because of the prevalence - and potential severity - of nut allergies for many children. However, the decision to eat something or not ultimately remains with the individual student, and SMYOC can not be held responsible if a student eats food at an SMYOC event which should be avoided for medical reasons.

Prescription Medicine

SMYOC staff will not administer prescription medicines to students.

If your student is taking prescription or non-prescription medicine that could affect our decisions in the event of a medical problem, please explain it to us in the allocated box on the registration page.

Your student is solely responsible for administering his or her prescription medicine while in attendance at any SMYOC event. The student must be instructed by you or a licensed physician on the proper dosage and method of administration of his or her prescription and must be capable of independently administering any prescription medicine in accordance with said instructions.

Acknowledgment and permission

When you provide your digital signature on the registration page, you are stating:

  • To the best of my knowledge, the student’s relevant medical information is listed in the box provided on the registration page.

  • The student has your permission to participate in SMYOC activities.

  • SMYOC will not be held responsible should your student eat food which should be avoided for medical reasons at an SMYOC event.