How to schedule an SMYOC audition

  • Fill out the audition application.

  • Wait for an SMYOC staff member to contact you directly by telephone or email to arrange the audition details (location and time).

  • If you do not hear from an SMYOC staff member within 48 hours of submitting the form, please feel free to contact SMYOC.

  • Auditions are organized at the start of each season (August-September and January) but can also happen at other times of the year by individual appointment. If you are unable to make any of the advertised date(s) or time(s) of the start-of-season auditions, or if you learn about SMYOC after the season has already begun, please contact SMYOC and an audition may be granted at the discretion of the Conductor.

Who can audition

SMYOC Orchestras

  • Auditions are open to any musician who is ready to participate fully in rehearsals (no minimum age, but students must be capable of sitting with focus for the duration and following multi-step instructions; our students are generally no younger than 8 years old)

  • Almost all of our Youth Orchestra students take private music lessons (to the extent they are able financially) and are very motivated in their musical development.

  • Our Preparatory Strings Orchestra students tend to be younger than our Youth Orchestra students, but many/most still take private lessons; some may have been playing their instruments for as little as a year.


SMYOC Choirs

  • Auditions are open to singers 8 and above

  • Less experienced singers should audition for the Preparatory Choir

  • More experienced singers should audition for the Youth Choir; these singers will have performed previously in choral ensembles and are middle-school aged and older.

There are two location for the choir program:

  • In Prince Frederick on Monday nights, the Preparatory Choir, Allegro, and the Youth Choir, Fermata

  • In Solomons on Saturday mornings, the Preparatory Choir, TrebleMakers, and the Youth Choir, Capella.

When submitting your audition form, you will be asked which location you plan to attend.

What to prepare

The audition requirements are different for each ensemble.

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