Administrative Staff

SMYOC Administrative Staff

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Susan Bisson Lambert, Executive Director

Barbara Tyson, Choral Program Manager


SMYOC Group Managers and VIP Volunteers


  • Julie Worner, Manager of Choirs in Solomons (TrebleMakers and Capella)

  • Barb Tyson, Manager of Choirs in Prince Frederick (Allegro and Fermata)

  • TBD, Manager of Orchestras

  • Holly Gutierrez, Social Media

  • Peter Tyson, Sound Engineer

Join us!

The SMYOC Youth Orchestra and Youth Choir continue to function, to a large extent, through the efforts of the volunteers who support the programs. We always need volunteers to help. Please consider offering some of your valuable time, energy and skill.

Ways to Volunteer

Manage one of our groups!

  • Youth Orchestra

  • Preparatory Strings Orchestra

  • Prince Frederick Choirs

  • Solomons Choirs


  • Silent Auction Organizer

    • Take the lead in preparing items for silent auction – gathering donations, organizing items, etc. This person needs to be very detail-oriented, organized, a good communicator.

  • Gala planners

    • Assist in planning for the next Gala (May 2, 2020). An ideal planning group needs several different types of people, including artistic types and decorators to focus on “presentation” of the event. Many ‘extra’ volunteers will be needed the day of the Gala.

  • Small Event Fundraiser

    • Manage concert bake sales (donations of baked goods will be solicited from SMYOC parents as needed); 1 person to manage raffles at concerts, possible additional volunteer to research/organize other small fundraising opportunities.

Clothes Closet Manager

  • The keeper of SMYOC's choral performance attire. Maintain an inventory of the attire we own. Coordinate with the Choir managers to ensure there is appropriate attire for all singers. Coordinate with the Choir managers to distribute the attire.

Community Liaisons

  • Libraries

    • Our library liaisons work to establish a positive, strong relationship with their local library branch and make sure the libraries gets all audition/concert flyers regularly posted and circulated within the county library system.

  • Coffee shops

    • The “coffee shop” liaisons would be in charge of advertising within their local Starbucks/coffee shop/community gathering places by hanging SMYOC posters prior to concerts/events.

  • Churches

    • If you attend church, are you prepared to serve as a liaison between SMYOC and your church community – making sure the church has audition/concert announcements and includes them in weekly bulletins.

Technical Skills

  • Graphic Designer

    • Someone with the skills to work directly with the webmaster on website graphics and photos and/or someone who could whip up a nice audition flyer whenever we needed it!


  • An experienced photographer is very much wanted and needed - someone willing to take photos of major events, as well as occasional rehearsals and minor concerts. Photos would be posted on our Flickr photo page and made available to our members free of charge.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact us by email or fill out this form.