Click on the links below to see the excerpts of music that should be played at audition. The Level 4 audition pieces are intended to be difficult; most of the music played during the season is easier to play than the audition music. Each piece has a suggested tempo at the top. We would rather hear a great performance at a slower tempo than a poor performance played at the indicated tempo.

We recommend you look at both the Level 2 (where appropriate) and Level 4 pieces for your instrument and then decide which you would like to perform. Choose only one of the pieces for your instrument, do not play both at the audition.

When you walk into the audition, we will ask you whether you've chosen to play the Level 2 piece (for the Prep Strings Orchestra) or the Level 4 piece (for the Youth Orchestra).

Note that some of the excerpts end slightly abruptly. Just play to the end of the excerpt and stop.

Instrument  Level 2 Level 4
Violin Minuet No. 2 Wohlfarht Sixty Studies, Op.45, Book 2 (31 - 60), No.57
Viola Minuet No. 2 Bach's 6 Suites for Viola, Courante from No.4
Cello Minuet No. 2 Dotzauer Exercises for Violincello, Book 1
Double Bass Maryland My Maryland F. Simandl New Method for the Double Bass
Flute - Mozart's "Rondo Alla Turco"
Clarinet (including Bass Clarinet) - Bach's Arioso
Oboe - Vivaldi's Oboe Concerto in A Minor
Bassoon - J. Fiala's Quartetto No.1 for Bassoon and Strings
Saxophone (in Eb or Bb) - Bach's Arioso
Trumpet - 40 Etudes for Trumpet by Wilhelm Wurm, Number 5
French Horn - Belloli's 12 Progressive Etudes for French Horn, No.1
Trombone - E. Girtain's Vocalise No.1
Tuba - Blazhevich's 70 Studies for Bb Tuba, No.1
Percussion - Etude by Mr Andrew Smouse