SMYOC is pleased to announce the Ambassador Program, an opportunity offered to our most advanced and dedicated singers and young musicians.

Members of the Ambassador Program are regular participants and members of the Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra and Choir but are also actively performing throughout the tri-county area and beyond within small chamber ensembles. Directed by professional musicians in our community, the Ambassador Program ensembles play advanced repertoire at the highest level in festival venues, seasonal community performances, SMYOC concerts, and other public and private ceremonies.

The members also serve as ambassadors for SMYOC. Selected to represent the best of SMYOC, their demonstrated abilities, professional demeanor and commitment to excellence are indicative of the high standards of the organization. In addition, they act as role models for their peers and actively represent SMYOC to prospective members.

The musical experiences and pre-professional opportunities offered to our Ambassador Program ensembles prepare these young musicians for a future in music, either within performance and musical education studies programs at colleges and/or conservatories, or as extracurricular activities pursued at the highest community levels.

SMYOC is proud of its Ambassadors.

Please contact us if you wish to book our Ambassadors for your event.

2017 - 2018 Ambassadors

Kasey Ferm, double bass
Kasey Ferm

Mia Meredith, voice
Mia Meredith

Lurr Ragen, bassoon
Lurr Ragen

Sam Wilson, Tuba
Sam Wilson

Tom Wilson, Trumpet
Tom Wilson

Mazi Zachary, violin
Mazi Zachary